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Serving West Hartford, Avon, Farmington, Simsbury, Hartford and Bloomfield

Backed by Customer Testimonials
We provide exceptional service representing both Home Buyers, Sellers, Builders and Developers
throughout West Hartford and the greater Hartford area.

The Hoye’s are consistently ranked in the Top 1% of national Berkshire Hathaway Home Services teams. We offer expert guidance and service, with unmatched marketing and negotiating skills. We are with you every step of the way throughout the home Buying or Selling process, from starter homes to luxury properties.

HoyeHomeTeam Reviews

Outstanding Service Backed by Customer Testimonials

On our testimonials above you can read selections of text from our previous satisfied clients. We offer this as a testament to our ongoing efforts to provide the highest quality real estate advice and service. These testimonials speak of the professionalism and expertise of our trusted agents. Provided for peace of mind to our customers, we know that finding the right people to help you in your home buying or selling experience is important. We want you to feel comfortable with our team and the services we provide, The five star reviews speak for themselves we are more than capable of helping you buy or sell real estate.

Customer service is just part of what we offer but it is a big part. We are the median between buyers and sellers and take our role in helping you find the perfect home or sell your property very seriously. This is a big deal for you, and we are simply grateful to be included as a trusted part of your team during the process. Due to this, we will work hard to make sure everyone involved in the transaction is satisfied. We aim to create a Win/Win for all parties in the negotiations.

Most importantly, our provided real estate services are consistent and unwavering, allowing you to buy and sell in the current market at any time without worrying. We are here for you and ready to make magic happen to get you in the perfect new home or to assist you in selling your property. With Hoye Home Team, you are receiving a service that you always know you can trust.

Servicing West Hartford and Beyond

While we are based and operated out of West Hartford, Connecticut, we are proud to announce that we do service surrounding communities. These include Hartford West End, Avon, Farmington, Simsbury, and Bloomfield, along with the surrounding areas. To learn more about each of these locations and what properties we have to offer within each, you can use our Communities tab. There, you will find an analysis of the school information, neighborhood data, and maps, among other resources, to help you figure out which community best suits your needs and fits the lifestyle you are hoping to cultivate.

We understand the importance of location. After all, the mantra of real estate agents everywhere is “location, location, location”. Due to this, we like to offer multiple different communities so you can select exactly where you and your family will be happiest when choosing a home to buy. Offering our services outside of West Hartford also helps us to ensure our surrounding area has access to quality real estate sales assistance, as well. We are here to serve and look forward to meeting your needs with our extended range of operations.

Our Quality Promise

Buying and selling homes is a big deal. No one wants to have to struggle through the process alone. Let us help you. We here at Hoye Home Team are ready and waiting to help you in any way we can, be it providing real estate services like posting listings and preparing all parties involved for closing or just taking a look at the current market. With our professional team of luxury home agents, we can get you into a new home or help you sell an asset quickly and safely. This is backed up by our numerous team awards and titles over the years, along with the customer testimonials we proudly display on our site. We take pride in the work we do and make a conscious effort as a team unit to always do right by our clients and ensure they are getting the exact care they need, no matter what stage of the home buying and or selling process they are currently in.

When working with Hoye Home Team, you are working with a group of individuals who genuinely care about getting you into the home of your dreams. We work hard to make sales and find viable options for our buyer clients to view. We take our role in the process seriously and handle all of the leg work, so you do not have to. For us, the greatest part of the job is helping you reach your homeownership or sales goals, no matter what they may be.

As an independently operated subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, we strive to uphold their quality expectations. Due to this, we will always do right by our clients, buyers, and sellers alike, and work hard to provide the absolute highest-quality reality experiences that we can. Our promise to you is that we will always make sure to do everything within our power to ensure you can get into the home of your dreams or sell your home to the perfect buyer! With the Hoye Home Team, you never have to stress over the process. We get Results for You!

How the HoyeHomeTeam can Help You

As a top-tier team of Berkshire Hathaway agents, the Hoye Home Team is here to provide their services, expertise, and insight to those looking to buy, sell or build a home within the Greater Hartford area. The Hoye Home Team has been helping clients Buying and Selling homes in the Greater Hartford area for Generations. As one of the premier Agent Teams in West Hartford, we strive to consistently deliver outstanding 5 Star service when Buying or Selling Real Estate. We are a family team that is well-known throughout the area, recognized for our extensive knowledge and experience in the local real estate market, home values, and community information.

With years of Real Estate experience, the HoyeHomeTeam knows how to help guide you confidently and comfortably through the real estate buying or selling process from start to finish. We know how to help you get to the closing table. We strive to provide the best quality of client care possible, including our on-staff interior designer to offer tips to prepare your home for the market or help to envision the possibilities of a new home. We have built up many real estate contacts over the years and can recommend various contractors that offer handyman repairs, painting, cleanout, landscaping for fast curb appeal touch-ups, packers to help box and or ship things, movers, auctioneers, and other necessary services to help get your home ready to market or help you move after your purchase or sale of your home. We excel in selling homes quickly, utilizing cutting edge technology and digital marketing.

With access to industry ties and connections, our team strives on assisting home sellers find the perfect new owners for their property we get the word out online by implementing our marketing plan, creating buzz, and interest through social media, using specialized home selling algorithms, internet advertising through Adwerx’s, Homesnap, and Elevate, employing specialized retargeting and geofencing campaigns on our website and through social media to target the perfect buyer for your home. We get results for you by using the latest technology and helping home buyers locate your property online. We are a family operated business working under the Berkshire Hathaway Home Services umbrella. Due to this, we can leverage all the best of what a large global company can offer; Combined with the best of what our team can do for you by offering you a focused, customized home selling plan designed just for your particular needs. Each home is unique, and we always strive to go above and beyond the home Sellers expectations. We sell Real Estate every day and are masters of the process, providing an expedited and seamless experience. We provide everything from accurate, current market-based pricing data and recommendations to professional marketing measures including advertising, listing, and showing events. We use software that makes it easier for you to schedule showings and review showing feedback from your phone. We work hard during the negotiations to ensure that you are getting a fair value on your home and work with buyers Agents to make the process straightforward and comfortable for everyone involved. We strive to create a win/win for both parties. Selling your home is a big deal; your home is generally your biggest asset and should be handled with absolute care. We always work to create a process that is straightforward and effective to help you get the exact care you need; at the exact moment you need it.

For buyers, we understand the importance of finding the best possible home that is within your budget and in your ideal location. We want to ensure that we get you into the property that is right for you. We will work tirelessly to find the exact property that fits your needs perfectly. We work to ensure you are getting a fair price on your dream home. To do this, we study buying trends within the local area and access in-depth processing and community information to ensure now is the right time to make the move and provide you with the best possible real estate pricing data concerning your home purchasing goals. We also skip the generalized property showcasing and bring you directly to properties that are what you need, from space to location. Our catalog of available properties makes it easier than ever to browse online and find the perfect fit for your homeownership needs. We also work with your schedule and ensure that you can easily and comfortably make it to any showings or additional meets that are necessarily creating a seamless and painless purchasing process! When we do find your dream home. We have built up many real estate contacts over the years and can recommend various mortgage brokers, home inspectors, attorneys, home improvement contractors for repairs, landscaping; other helpful services such as provided by our on staff interior designer that can offer tips and help you envision your new homes possibilities such as home floorplans and interior design ideas for your dream home. We recognize the importance of purchasing a home and how big of an investment the decision is and will always respect you and your needs during the process.

With multiple award-winning agents available to serve you, we are confident that we can provide the resources necessary to get you into your dream home. We recognize the importance of good customer service, active listening, and hard work. Using these tools, we have consistently provided high-quality realty assistance to the Greater Hartford area, a task that we take great pride in. Our efforts have earned us numerous awards over the years, including several #1 Outstanding Agent for Customer Service Award out of 2000 agents. The Pinnacle award that have placed our agents within the top 1% of BHHS affiliates nationwide, among others. You can trust that you are in good hands when working with our amazing, outgoing team of industry professionals.

Insider Information

Through our monthly newsletter, you can access insider information on the current real estate housing market, along with tips and tricks for buying and selling homes under the present economic conditions. By going to the Newsletter tab at the top of our page, you can easily access this information for free. In this newsletter, we work to provide you with the means to walk through the entire home buying or selling process, from start to finish. This means you will find tips and tools to help you from the first steps of listing your property to the day you close on the sale! This includes information on the current mortgage rates, home value calculation tips, and a guide concerning how to access our services to get a better understanding of the entire home purchasing and or selling process made easier through the assistance of our professional team.

A Home for Everyone

We believe that the home buying and selling processes should be easy for everyone, whether you are looking for your first Condo or starter home or a larger family home or luxury estate. Due to this, we offer a wide range of properties suitable for your individual needs. we can find the perfect place that works for you.

The Greater Hartford area is filled with Cottages to Castles with some of the most beautiful luxury estates in the country, including many high-end locations. These luxury homes for sale are some of the most sought out. It is our goal to provide them at an affordable but fair price, allowing more people to purchase these stunning, often historical properties. We strive to help place families and individuals in homes that suit their needs and will provide comfort and enjoyment for years to come. We collectively believe that there is a home out there for everyone and are confident that we can use our expertise and industry connections to find the absolute perfect fit!

Check Out Our Blog

At this time, we have a blog available on our website that offers some of the best information surrounding the current economic and real estate markets both nationally and within the Greater Hartford area, alike. From trends on where people are looking to buy to in-depth analysis and content on what features home buyers are looking for based on current market conditions, we provide a collection of information that can provide beneficial information to both Buyers and Sellers and offer you a lot of data to help you better understand the present real estate market and tips on upgrading your home for sale or what to look for when purchasing a home of your own.

Our Blog is frequently updated and allows us to communicate with our clients and potential clients more directly, creating a stronger bond and helping us to disseminate timely real estate information directly and in a format that is easy to understand and review. We believe this blog is a fantastic way to brush up on the current market and are proud to be able to assist people interested in Real Estate in this way!

Simplifying the Process

We here at Hoye Home Team believe that buying a home or selling your property does not have to be the headache it’s often made to be. In fact, with the right help, we believe it can be an incredibly easy and painless venture! Let us provide you with the assistance you need to comfortably and confidently purchase your home or help you Sell your property.

We provide everything you need for your real estate venture within the Greater Hartford area, including interactive maps, neighborhood data, school zone information, projected mortgage information, currently available listings, previous sales, and much more, all in one place. This, along with our team of expert real estate agent professionals who are proud to be affiliated with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services brand. This combination provides you with the perfect team to get you to the closing table!

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